Best Avalanche Wallets

Avalanche wallets are super important if you want to trade Avalanche cryptos.

Make sure you get the best Avalanche wallet you can.

Many wallets aren’t AVAX native. But do support AVAX tokens. Many support different blockchains too!

Best Avalanche Wallets

1. Metamask

Metamask is the most popular web browser wallet. And it works with Avalanche too!

Just add the Avalanche RPC to Metamask. Then you can use every Avalanche dApp there is.

You will need to import your Avalanche private key into Metamask if you already have an Avalanche wallet. Otherwise, you can use any Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, or Metamask-generated address.

2. Avalanche Wallet

Avalanche has a native web wallet. It is pretty good, but not as versatile as other options.

You need to log in when you want to use the wallet. But, it does support all Avalanche tokens.

The Avalanche Web Wallet is good because it supports all the Avalanche chains too.

Remember, Avalanche is composed of multiple chains. There is a C-Chain, X-Chain, P-Chain, and many subnetworks.

3. AVME wallet

AVME is building multiple security tools. Including a desktop wallet. They are were the first Avalanche project to build a desktop crypto wallet.

You can import any C-Chain wallet with AVME.

The wallet is fast and easy to use.

Many upgrades are coming to the AVME wallet. They recently added Yield Yak into their wallet. And there are lots more features and benefits coming soon.

If you have a Ledger wallet, you can also link it to the AVME wallet.

4. Coin98 Wallet

Coin98 support multiple cryptocurrencies. Avalanche was recently added. You can store major ARC20 tokens and more.


There are many Avalanche wallets to choose from. Metamask is a must-have for decentralized applications.

If you are security-minded, opt for the AVME wallet. Store your tokens in cold storage, on a Ledger, using AVME as the interface.

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